Ivan Jovanić

Ivan Jovanic User Experience and Interface Designer

I am a UX/UI/Product Designer with 7+ years of experience. I worked with many clients, from large and well-known tech companies to the smallest startup teams in Europe and Silicon Valley. Mostly focused on SaaS and B2B web apps and websites, but also with strong experience with iOS and Android apps.

Working remotely from my personal studio in Belgrade, Serbia (CEST - Central European Summer Time).

I made a bunch of stuff for these companies:

I mostly use these tools:

Sketch App, Bohemian coding
InVision App
InVision Studio
Marvel prototyping app
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe XD
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Captivate
Wordpress CMS


Cameron Peron, Amazon AWS, Dome9 Security
Cameron Peron
Senior Developer Marketing Manager
Artificial Intelligence at Amazon Web Services

I had the opportunity to work with Ivan on several projects, and I was happy with our collaboration, particularly on web and print design. Ivan was very creative and timely, and he showed a lot of pride in his work. I would recommend considering him for any design project.

Jesmond Darmanin, GFI Software, Storm Design Malta
Jesmond Darmanin
Head of Product Marketing
GFI Software

Ivan is a really great person to work with. I truly enjoyed working with Ivan on several web and campaign projects during my time at GFI. Very dedicated, open to constructive criticism, able to work on design for many different applications and mediums, and is also great with deadlines. Thank you for being such an awesome part of my team.

Vitomir Gojak, Jefferson Institute, GFI Software, Aurea
Vitomir Gojak
Senior Designer
Jefferson Institute

Ivan has proven himself as a valuable team member on many occasions and helped our department reach its goals regarding all deadlines. He has shown initiative in learning new skills and expanding his talents and even introduced some new design tools to our department. While he was able to follow the instructions he was also able to think with his own head and improve the design works. He is a very flexible person, creative and very confident about his work, but also accepts criticism gracefully.

Thelen Blum, Product Marketing Manager, Dome9 Security
Thelen Blum
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Dome9 Security

Ivan has been doing a range of design work for Dome9 Security over the past few years. He is highly responsive, needs very little direction and does wonderful work. Ivan has created pieces for us that include newsletter, branding, datasheets, brochures, white papers, booth graphics, invitiations, banners, digital advertisement, and the list goes on and on. Ivan is very good at what he does and I highly recommend him.

Todd Kelleher, Product Manager
Todd Kelleher
Product Manager
First Beat Media

Ivan was responsible for the design and implementation of content on our sites for one of our content marketing projects. There are some people who just give you a "good feeling" when you are working with or interviewing them. When I was interviewing Ivan, I had that feeling and was so happy that he decided to work with us. Even though he was only here for a short time, I could already see that his effect was going to be very positive with the way he was suggesting ideas and providing input. I would highly recommend him for any position that he would now choose to pursue.

David Dejvid Dimitrijevic
David Dimitrijevic
Founder and CEO
DMLI Solutions

Ivan applied his technical and intuitive skills to literally restructure the format and dramatically improve the function of our websites. He soon became responsible for our commercial and marketing content management. Most impressive is Ivan’s attitude. He is a true professional, determined to contribute where needed, proactive in planning and problem-solving; a team player who builds relationships with people at all levels but also works extremely well on his own and takes pride in everything he does. Ivan is a bright, energetic and committed professional who will be a positive force in any organization.

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